Gems from the philosophy of yoga

The ancient sacred text, the Bhagavad Gita is one of the foundation texts of yoga. It is said that the entire knowledge of the cosmos is contained within the Gita. On a trip to India at the age of 18, I saw this poster and bought a copy for my father. It has had pride of place in my father's home ever since and I now keep a copy in my home shrine. It never fails to put the material world into perspective for me. I hope it offers you a similar sublime gift! 

Postnatal Yoga (10 and 24 September)

Registrations are now open for the next Postnatal Yoga for Healing After the Birth sessions, held on 2 Saturdays on 10 & 24 September 2016. These sessions will nurture, restore, strengthen and support you, as you experience the glory and challenges of being the divine mother of your precious new baby. Each practice focuses on a different theme relevant to post natal experiences and all practices incorporate pelvic floor toning.

Yoga for Pregnancy (6-27 August)

There are 2 spots left for the Yoga for Pregnancy series starting this Saturday! This will be the last prenatal series until mid October, when we are back with a new 'course' format! You are so welcome to join the practice as we create, nurture and transform.

New local mothers group

If you'd like to connect with new mothers, our friend Liz, who you may remember from class, has started a local mother's group. Feel free to message her and join together in the spirit of fun, friendship and understanding!

mums grp.png