Sweet words

“I can't tell you how much I enjoy your classes, you have a beautiful calming nature . Your classes have been great! Honestly just the best! And I will happily spread the word to any pregnant women I meet! “ Grace
“I would probably follow you wherever you go” Paloma
“Having an hour a week to focus on the baby and the pregnancy and let everything else go made a huge difference to my general wellbeing throughout the pregnancy. I would encourage everyone to do this class as much as possible… Thank you for creating a beautiful and intimate environment for us to feel the joy of our pregnancies.” Liesel
“Thank you Reni for providing such a wonderful nurturing class. You really honour and bless us and our babies.” Kate
“Thank you. I honestly adore your classes. They are literally the highlight of my week. The space you hold and your presence is very inspirational.” Ellen
“I’m floating! Thank you Reni! Looking forward to the next course.” Kristin
“The classes have been perfect… challenging enough but I didn't feel out of my depth or under pressure to push it too hard. I love how each week there is a different focus in our meditation and each class encompasses a holistic view of the yoga practice, not just the physical exercises.” Liesel
"I loved the class on Saturday.. physically it was great but also the practice and talk ... Ive been thinking about it a lot since class.. Thanks Reni."  Kellie
"Thanks Reni for such a fantastic course. I really enjoyed interacting with other pregnant women and sharing our stories. The relaxation and meditation are great and I liked practicing skills for labour." Carolyn
"Your classes really transform me". Hollie